Saturday, April 3, 2010

Muffin pt 5 - Muffin loves Mario

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So Mario has a tendency to (sorry Mario, but it's true) be a little too friendly with kitties and forces his affection upon them usually 'til they hate him. He has been doing this to Muffin every time he sees her, and calling her "Cookie" (though I think he might actually genuinely believe that's her name).


When he approaches her at first, she does her usual hiss hiss rigidbody thing and backs herself into the wall as much as she can and flattens her ears and all that other regular madkitty stuff, but then he starts scratching her back. And she starts kneading. And then her eyes close, and her ears come back up... and tonight she even PURRED! Only for about 3 seconds, but she still did it, and she was kneading for a good 2 minutes while he scratched her back. She was loving it. She was still a little pissed, but definitely loving it.

So day 7's big progress - purring. Only 3 seconds of it, but purring nonetheless! AWESOME! Thanks for being so persistently loving, Mario :) I love you!!!!!!!


Kristina H. said...

Awwww! Yay Mario!! :)

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